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Biomolecular Modeling and Design Lab 


Our Research

We use physics and engineering approaches to understand molecular mechanisms of immunology, develop disease models, and design new drugs and molecular sensors for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. We call this area of research immunophysics and immunoengineering. Our research is highly cross-disciplinary, utilizing a blend of molecular-level and systems-level science, and collaborations with researchers working on cell and tissue levels and in vivo studies. A prime focus of our work is on the development of affordable potential pharmaceuticals for rare diseases.


BMC Blog Series

Introducing the
Editor-in-Chief for BMC Biophysics,
Q&A with Professor Dimitrios Morikis, by Alison Cuff

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Biophysical Society Newsletter

Professor Morikis, Biophysicist in Profile, Biophysical Society Newsletter, April 2016

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BeneFunder Profile

How can physics and engineering improve immunology? 

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